Simethicone Antifoam C100LV

Basildon Chemicals Simethicone Antifoam C100LV is a highly effective 100% silicone antifoam compound for use in pharmaceutical products and in manufactured and tested to the EP and USP simethicone monographs.

Simethicone C100LV is designed to be used in the formulation of antacid & antiflatulant preparations for oral consumption. There are two main dosage forms in which it is used; compressed tablets and soft gel capsules. It is mainly used neat but can be combined with other non-aqueous ingredients before use, if required. In tablet production it is often pre-absorbed onto powder carriers such as starches & sugars prior to tabletisation.

The low viscosity of this product makes it very easy to handle and it lends itself especially to the production of soft gel simethicone capsules where higher viscosity simethicone compounds are difficult to fill.

Simethicone C100LV is manufactured under GMP conditions & complies with the following monographs:
Simeticone EP (PhEur)
Simethicone USP (US Pharmacopoeia)

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Product Features

  • Low viscosity
  • Low volatile content
  • Compliance with EP & USP

Typical Properties

  • % Volatility: <1.0
  • Viscosity (25&degC): 600 to 700cP
  • Appearance: Translucent liquid
  • Silica content: 4% – 7%


  • Antiflatulents
  • Bloating treatments
  • Antiacid