SeraSkin® RS 10A & SeraSkin® RS 10B

INCI: Vinyl Dimethicone (SeraSkin RS 10A), Vinyl Dimethicone (and) Hydrogen Dimethicone (SeraSkin RS 10B)
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Product Features

  • Clear gel film-former
  • Allows delivery of actives when in contact with the skin
  • Soluble in alcohols and many other solvents

Typical Properties – SeraSkin RS 10A

  • %Solids:100
  • Viscosity (25°C): 450cS

Typical Properties – SeraSkin RS 10B

  • %Solids:100
  • Viscosity (25°C): 260cS


  • Colour cosmetics
  • Sun care
  • Woundcare



KCC Beauty SeraSkin RS 10A and SeraSkin RS 10B are a two part blend which, in combination, crosslinks to create a transparent, soft gel. Both products are initially low viscosity fluids.  These specialist skin active protecting systems for creating clear gels can deliver actives, offer strong wash off resistance for colour cosmetic products and protect the skin in woundcare applications.

Used as a 1:1 weight ratio mixture, gelling time is approximately 120 minutes at room temperature (20°C)

Previously known as SM9010A & SM9010B