SeraSense® SF 30K

INCI: Dimethicone
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Product Features

  • Low spreading qualities
  • Substantive conditioning/emolliency
  • Skin lubricity

Typical Properties

  • Viscosity (at 25°C): 30,000cS
  • Refractive Index (at 25°C): 1.403
  • Flash Point: >315°C


  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Colour Cosmetics



SeraSense® SF 30K at 30,000cS is a high viscosity silicone that is sold from the KCC Beauty range as a single, unblended fluid. In cosmetics applications, high viscosity silicones are often used as excellent emollients in skin care preparations but can also then be emulsified to be used in a variety of water based hair care products.  Ideal as a substantive hair conditioning agent in conditioners, or mixed with volatile silicones for use in serums.

KCC Beauty Dimethyl silicone fluids known chemically as polydimethylsiloxanes, are available in various viscosities ranging from 0.65cS to 60,000cS. They are clear, non-toxic, inert and odourless fluids.

Recommended usage level is 1.0 – 10% however is dependent on application.

Previously known as BC 30,000cS Silicone Fluid