BC 361

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Product Features

  • Good lubricant properties
  • Excellent release agent
  • Water By-Laws approved
  • Produced from F&DA approved materials

Typical Properties

  • Colour: Colourless
  • Flash point: >300&degC
  • Appearance: Soft translucent paste


  • Automative manufacturing
  • Epoxy & polyester castings
  • Rubbers & Plastics
  • Lubricant and seal for rubber 'O' rings, particularly in the assembly of PVC pipes in bulding and other applications



Basildon Chemicals BC 361 Silicone Grease is an excellent release agent and can be used for epoxy and polyester castings and as a conditioning agent for mould surfaces. It is a good lubricant for rubber and plastic components and for combinations of these materials with metals. With its WRAS approval by the WRC, it can readily be used in the plumbing industry and for use in potable water systems.