Antifoam V12

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Product Features

  • Outstanding reliability and versatility
  • Highly effective, enabling attainment of foam control with minimum addition
  • Easily diluted with water for maximum economy

Typical Properties

  • Appearance: Amber translucent liquid
  • Specific gravity (at 25&degC): 0.88
  • % Active content: 99
  • % Silicone: 0.5
  • Flash point (open cup ASTMD-92-33): &lt180&degC


  • Adhesives and glues
  • Boiler washing
  • Cutting oils
  • Flooring compounds
  • Paint and paint resin manufacture
  • Printing inks
  • Pulp



Basildon Chemicals Antifoam V12 is a 100% self emulsifying mineral oil based antifoam. Antifoam V12 has been developed for use in aqueous systems giving good antifoam performance for a wide variety of industrial processes such as adhesives and glues, boiler washing, cutting oils, flooring compounds, paint and paint resin manufacture, printing inks and paper pulp.