Personal Care Services

We can conduct the following tests in our dedicated salon and climate controlled room, with this we offer a number of different Services.

Abingdon site Services

  • Dia-Stron MTT175 x 2 – combing, volume, frizz, friction (smoothing/damage repair),suppleness/softness/flexibility (in-vitro)
  • Shine and colour assessment (sensory panel)
  • Colour assessment (in-vitro)
  • Skincare assessment (in-vivo)
  • Stiffness & flexibility (styling)
  • Tack on drying (styling)
  • Style resilience
  • High humidity curl retention
  • Anti-frizz (image analysis)
  • Thermal protection
  • Colour Protection
  • Shine (image analysis)
  • Hydration of Skin

We can also help with your product development by offering off-the-shelf formulations, formulation development and stability testing.

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