January 2, 1971

In 1971 the proud silicone manufacturing company Basildon Chemical Company Limited was created in the small town of Upper Basildon, Oxfordshire by MD and owner Kelvin Bryon. Initially a small family run operation, Kelvin developed and manufactured various industrial antifoams and release products, which were then scaled up and made…

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November 28, 1973

In 1973, the decision was taken to rent a light industrial unit which began the legacy of Basildon Chemicals manufacturing. A 2,000 sq. ft. unit was rented in Milton in Oxfordshire and this was equipped with a laboratory, office and production area for the manufacture of emulsions and compounds. The…

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January 1, 1978

In 1978 some land was purchased locally, what is now the main European site for KCC Basildon, and construction on it was completed in 1979. The Initially, 8,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehousing space, with 2,000 sq. ft. for offices and a laboratory was expanded in 1981 by a…

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November 28, 1981

At this time in 1981, Basildon Chemicals began manufacture of its wide range of Food and Kosher grade antifoams as well as initial work began on producing our antifoams to Pharmaceutical standards. In 1989, Basildon ventured into manufacturing its variety of high tech emulsions and functional materials for the Personal…

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November 28, 1996

In 1996 the Company completed a further large expansion of its offices and Laboratories and generally upgraded both the interior and exterior of the offices. In April 1997 the decision was taken to build a new warehouse, as storage space at Kimber Road was becoming increasingly limited. The nearest suitable…

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November 28, 2011

Over the next decade the company flourished, strengthening its position in the global markets of Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and Industry. At this incredible high point in his career, in April 2011 Kelvin Bryon made the decision to part ways from Basildon Chemicals and handed the keys of…

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November 28, 2013

Now at present day, we the 65 people at the Abingdon site of KCC Basildon Chemicals are proud to be part of the KCC Corporation based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, a 5,000+ people strong organisation that has great things planned for 2013 and beyond.

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