5 incredibly useful antifoam tips

Posted by Katherine Sherbourne, on August 30, 2019.

Please find our 5 incredibly useful antifoam tips.

1. Often it is best to add antifoam before any foam builds up. Getting antifoam into
existing foam can be difficult.

2. Spraying antifoam onto existing foam can give the most rapid control.

3. Don’t allow antifoams to freeze or get too hot – this spoils their stability. Some will
put up with this so please ask.

4. If a person takes an indigestion remedy containing a pharmaceutical antifoam (look
for Simethicone) to remove trapped gas / wind, another person can hear the foam
breaking if they place their ear on the first persons stomach. Do make sure you ask
first and watch out for the wind!

5. Foam will drain and mature on standing. New (wet) foam is usually tougher than old
(drier) foam.

For more information visit our Antifoam section.

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