The Lights are On at the KCC European Technical Centre!

Posted by Katherine Sherbourne, on August 5, 2012.

As part of the on-going integration process between Basildon Chemicals and the KCC Corporation, the new KCC European Technical Centre at the Abingdon Oxfordshire site of KCC Basildon Chemicals is now complete.

This recently expanded facility is dedicated to the European customer base as well as supporting customers globally through its links with the Central Research Institute in Korea and the Japan Research Centre in Tokyo. Together, these three centres form a huge, global resource of knowledge and experience which is at the disposal of our customers.

This exciting new development will be focused on providing solutions and applications support for our customers, as well as carrying out research into silicone chemistries for our key market sectors. The work at this site over the past six months has led to the creation of new jobs at the Abingdon facility and the expansion of our close-knit UK team to further strengthen our offering for 2013 and beyond.