A World Leader in the manufacture of silicones and specialty chemicals

Specialising in the supply of formulated products to regulated markets.

Food & Beverage

KCC Basildon Chemicals has for over forty years produced a wide range of problem solving antifoams as process aids in the manufacture of food and beverage products in both aqueous and non-aqueous applications.


Simethicones are used in a wide range of pharmaceutical products and KCC Basildon Chemicals is well known as a supplier of high quality products in this demanding industry.


With beginnings in the industrial sector over 40 years ago, we at KCC Basildon are proud to continue to offer a wide range of ingredients to the general industrial market places of the UK, Korea and the world.


Silicones are found in a variety of car care applications such exterior polishes and conditioners, interior trim dressings and car wash drying aids. The KCC Basildon product range imparts a variety of properties to car care formulations including gloss, colour depth, better rub out and water repellency.

Household & Laundry

In a household environment, our products can be found in a wide variety of formulations, controlling foam in detergents, increasing shine in polishes and imparting softness to fabric conditioners to name a few.

Personal Care

KCC Beauty manufactures high-quality silicones for cosmetics and personal care products, supplying a diverse range of global customers in the beauty industry.